2003 Ford E250 Chariot - Portland, Maine

by Nancy Young
(Portland, ME, USA)

2003 Ford E250 Chariot

2003 Ford E250 Chariot

2003 Ford E250 Chariot
2003 Ford E250 Chariot

12/2/2015 Portland, Maine - A full size, high top Ford E250 Chariot van for sale. New tires, new brake lines, new spark plugs, new coil and starter and lots of new things. Rear seat folds into a bed, side windows also have screens. It has a Braun lift (like you see on a bus) which was $10,000 when it was new. Has a remote for the lift so you can drive on, go up and step into the driver's seat or the front passenger seat turns to the left, goes forward and backward and up and down for passenger to get in easily. There are cubby holes all over it and it was definitely built with camping in mind. Lift will hold 600 lbs. Power windows, power locks, both front seats are powered. It is an 8 cylinder, gas mileage isn't too bad. Maroon with decorations on sides--more than just stripes. The high top has some paint scraped off from someone trying to take it through a car wash that was too low. AM/FM, A/C, CD, special system in case someone breaks into it so they can't start it. Extra seat belts in the middle for tie downs for wheelchairs, leather seats. It is just bigger than anything I have driven for a while and I had trouble getting used to it. 109,000+ miles on it. $9200.

Email at nyoung_01@yahoo.com. (Having trouble loading picture--request one if interested.)

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