Backstreet Boys (A.J. McLean, Howie Dorough, Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson, Brian Littrel) - New York City, New York

by Kelly S.
(Wall, NJ, USA)

When I was in 4th grade (1997), I got called down to the principal's office. I wasn't sure why I was because I was a good kid. When I got there, my mom was there and said, "We're going to Jingle Ball in NYC today! I'm taking you out of school". I couldn't believe it. We were trying to win tickets on the radio for weeks.

Turns out that my cousin had tickets and THAT DAY, her mom bid on the radio $8,000 or so for 2 front row and after party tickets, so she was giving us her regular tickets. When we got there, the bouncers told us that there were extra seats in front row (no idea why) and we got to sit front row for BSB, Hanson, etc. We were invited to the after party at a restaurant near the ice rink in Rockefeller center.

Needless to say, every A list celebrity was there, and here I am in 4th grade (I think one of the youngest people there) meeting all of them. I ice skated with Kevin Richardson (who held my hand!) and got all of BSB's autographs. I wish I had a smartphone back then because I don't have any pictures. After I shook Nick Carter's hand, I remember telling him I wasn't going to wash it (eww) and he told me he hoped I would! I also met Savage Garden, Ivanka Trump and others. It was definitely a night I couldn't forget!

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