Bar-B-Q'd Specialties - Homemade Bratwurst - Loveland, CO

by Laura Condo
(Loveland, CO)

We make our own Brats, Jerky and Smoked Sausage from scratch using my fathers recipes and our "BBQ'd" Pulled Pork. We pull a custom built cooker set on a 13' trailer. We give personalized service from a 10'x 10' tent. We offer other items such as fresh baked Brownies and Rolls our "BBQ'd Specialties" Rice Krispie Bars and Coleslaw. We carry our Jerky and Sausage mixes packaged for retail and offer many more products from our Catalog. We carry 'House of Smoke' Wild Game Products as well as a popcorn machine. Michael & Laura Condo, 970-685-0863, website under construction, up to 8 hrs. will travel. Picture forthcoming.

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