Behold The Heavens - Celestial Ceiling and Wall Art - Phoenix, AZ

by Pam Hagler
(Phoenix, AZ, USA)

Actual application as it appears in a darkened room.

Actual application as it appears in a darkened room.

Hello. My name is Pam Hagler and it is my privilege to present to you "Behold The Heavens." Do you live in an area where you 'miss' the night sky? Light noise, pollution, and even construction have almost obliterated access to views of the majestic heavens in most populated areas. Behold The Heavens uses specialized materials and methods to help you recapture the sense of 'ahhhhhh' that is often missing in our 'modern' lives. These materials and methods are virtually unnoticeable during the day or under normal lighting conditions. But, when the lights go out after a good "charge" (by the sun or regular light source) the night sky comes alive! Constellations, star clouds, even sections of the Milky Way as seen from this third rock from the sun! Applications can be made in small sections on walls and/or ceilings, or they can take up an entire room. In any case the effect is awesome! Once the lights are out and your eyes have adjusted it feels like you are floating in outer space! The walls and ceiling 'disappear' and you are left to "Behold The Heavens!" Great for kids. Great for adults. Great for ALL!

Call for your on-site demonstration. Ya just gotta see it! Serving the Greater Phoenix area ...... will travel to points beyond by special arrangement.

Pam Hagler

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