Betty White - Anaheim, California

(Salida, CA, USA)

I attended a booksellers convention (many years ago) and Betty was at a publishers booth promoting a book. She was by herself, smiling and watching people walk by. I was quite shy, but wanted to at least say hi. I approached her and in a very quiet voice introduced myself. She was was very gracious, and warm and after a few minutes we talked as if we were old friends. She is as funny in person as she is on tv and in movies. She is also very petite, and has the softest hands Ive ever had the pleasure of shaking. I can remember the experience of meeting her as if it was yesterday, even though it has been almost 20 years. I also was able to meet James Doohan (Mr. Scott "Scotty" from Star Trek) the same day and had just as much fun talking to him. (and he gave me a wonderful hug!). These 2 encounters gave me the feeling that many "stars" are just plain folks and love meeting their fans.

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