Bill Clinton - Cincinnati, Ohio

by Kathy Sue Bird
(Milford, Ohio, USA)

A friend and I were doing a weekend craft show. In downtown Cincinnati. I left our room in the morning to get ice from the machine down the hall. There were all kinds of suitcases setting out in the hall. I thought this was very odd. I couldn't help noticing all kinds of press tags hanging from them. I went back to our room. I told my friend Judy there must be something of importance going on locally. Our first guess that it might be something to do with Pete Rose. We thought this because on the other side of the convention center a two day pay for an autograph event was going on. Our Craft show was on the other side of the convention center. I decided to go down to the lobby an buy a local newspaper. I went to the elevator to go down to the lobby. I listened to someone's conversation while going down. One lady said he autographed my sisters book this morning. I couldn't contain myself. I said who? Who autographed your sisters book? She said Clinton. They sneaked him in at 4:00 this morning. I exited the elevator and bought the paper. I went straight back to our room. I told my friend we should probably move our cars out of the basement. So when the craft show was over we could leave sooner. The secret service might slow us down. She agreed. I went first. I was all ready dressed. Because i went to get the paper.I went to move my car. I went down the street and found a church. I left it in there parking lot. I walked back. It was then all the excitement occurred. Clinton and Hilary had come down to the lobby. They passed out Political vote for me buttons. Smiled and greeted people. They exited the building. I remember seeing the secret service people put bottled water and clothes in the trunk. Lots of taller people filmed and took pictures over my head. I remember Saying if this is as close as i am getting i am not moving. Clinton had pink cheeks. Hilary was very attractive. My meeting the future President was two days before he was elected. We both stayed at the downtown Cincinnati Clarion Hotel. My friend did not get to see the future President that day. The early bird gets the worm sometimes. I was dressed first. My crafting friend sleeps late. This is funny because my name is Kathy Bird. World Traveler and totally unknown photographer.

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