Charlie Pride at Neil McCoy's House - Longview, Texas

by Denise
(Longview, TX, USA)

I worked for a steakhouse and we catered Neil McCoy's sister-in-law's wedding rehearsal dinner at Neil's house. Neil was very nice and laid back. He opened his garage and let us sit in all his vehicles and on his Harley which he also let some people ride. He also gave us a tour of his home right down to his shower.

At the rehearsal dinner, Charlie Pride and his wife were among the guests. He too was super nice and friendly. He sang a few lines from some of his songs for us and told a few jokes. His wife was as sweet as she could be and showed us her charm bracelet that has a gold record charm for every hit Charlie ever had.

The entire evening was fun and everyone treated us as though we were welcomed guests as well and not just the caterers.

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