Charlton Heston - Fort Worth, Texas

by Lou
(Joshua, TX, USA)

My last 11 years before retiring were spent with a small television network in Fort worth. We had two TV studios and at one time produced a live family-orientated talk show hosted by a husband and wife team. Occasionally the producing staff would book an interview with a well-known celebrity, artist or author. When I heard that Charles Heston was coming on the show I made a point to visit him in the make-up room. He was surprisingly shorter than I had envisioned and, of course, had aged since watching him on the big screen in "Midway", "The Agony and the Ecstasy", "Ben-Hur", "Julius Caesar." His movie and television career includes 76 productions. I introduced myself and after a "minute" of signing a picture and small talk he resumed with the make-up artist and I left with a wonderful memory of meeting Charlton Heston.

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