Christine Volpe - Hand Blown Accent Glass - Killingworth, CT

by Christine Volpe
(Killingworth, CT)

You can see the different sizes and varieties.

You can see the different sizes and varieties.

I sell hand blown accent glass pieces. They glow in the dark. All Globes and Jellyfish are unique. There is four different size globes. There is two different size jellyfish. They are quality products that are solid glass. There are many color varieties available. The price range is from $15-$50. They are very popular any place I have set up. I am willing to drive an 1 - 1 1/2 hours. My name is Christine Volpe, 203-627-4275. My email is I have lots of pictures if you would like to see more just email me. Close ups give you a lot of detail.

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