David Schwimmer, New York, NY

by Melody
(Astoria, NY,USA)

A few years ago my sister and some of my friends decided to go clubbing one evening. We went to the now defunct club called "Culture Club" that was located near Varick and Houston Street in a semi-industrial area of Manhattan.

As some point, we decided to leave the club in the early morning hour to head back home. As we walked away from the club to get to the subway on a desolate block, we noticed a lone man walking toward us. Wearing a hat as to disguise his identity, we were able to see that it was the actor David Schwimmer from the television show "Friends". I began to speak to him as my sister was in such awe as she was a huge fan of his. No reply or even acknowledgment of our existence! My sister was so disappointed that I yelled out to him I didn't watch his show,as he walked away ever more so quickly to get away from us. I bet he was off to the same club we had just left since there was nothing else in the neighborhood.

Nevertheless, I still have not watched his TV show.

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