Die, Dir en grey - New York, New York

by Ashley
(Plymouth, MA, USA)

Me and Die

Me and Die

4/8/2011 (New York, New York) - It was Nov. 11th 2009. I was in NY going to see the three day concert that Dir en grey (Japanese rock band) was holding in the city. That was the year everyone including the band and roadies got really sick, so naturally due to my sucky immune system I got sick to. The concert was three days but the band was there for four. They had a day off (sort of) between the first night and the last two. I got sick to the point I couldn't breathe so my sister and I around 10 that morning, left the hotel to head six blocks to the drug store. We didn't see him standing there at first but once we had gotten close enough he turned to look our way and he turned back. It was Die all right, no one could ever mistake that face. So my sister went up to him and said good morning to him in Japanese which made the poor man jump. I too said my good morning but it barely came out because I had no voice. He smiled and in a very heavy accent but still understandable said, “It sucks, it’s raining”. We all just sort of laughed and my sister asked if she could take my picture with him. She’s not much of a Die fan as I was but thankfully he agreed. I said thank you and we said our good-byes. I would have stayed to chat a little longer (he’s been known to chat with the fans for hour just so he can speak English) but I was about to collapse because I could breathe due to being sick. Thankfully he was standing right next to the drug store I need to get into because I for one didn’t want to get the man sick.

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