Eastern Star Catering - Richmond, VA

by Khattar Hatoum
(Richmond, VA)

To whom it may concern. Hi, my name is Khattar Hatoum. I am a food vendor and I am interested in your upcoming events. If you have any spots available for me this year and if not please put me on the mailing list for next year. The spot that I am looking for is 15x15 or 15x10. My Menu:

• Chicken/Lamb/Beef Gyro 8$
• Chicken tender and fries 8$
• Chicken/Lamb/Beef Shaworma 8$
• Italian Sausage (Hot and Mild) 8$
• Polish Sausage and Philly steak 8$
• Hot dog 5$
• Hamburger 5$
• Corn Dog 3$
• French Fries 5$
• Homemade Potato chips 5$
• Freshly Squeezed Lemonade 5$
• Soft Drinks 3$
• Smoothies 5$
• Funnel Cakes 5$
• Fry Oreo 5/5$

Please send me an email if can be accepted this year, if not keep me under consideration for next year. The company’s name is Eastern Star Catering.

Address: 7305 Stoneman Rd,
Richmond, VA, 23228
Contact me at anytime on this number: 804-502-2281, or my email: easternstar32@yahoo.com

Thank for your respond.
Khattar Hatoum

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