Ed Khayat, Coach Phila Eagles Football Team - Phila, PA

by Saul Pachman
(Cherry Hill, NJ 08003, USA)

Very early on Sunday morning, I was just finishing a workout at a local Philadelphia health club and had just finished showering. I went to my locker with nothing on but a towel wrapped around my waist. Unknown to me, Mr Khayat had just taken the locker next to my own. All I said was good luck in today's game. He had a cigar in his mouth and spoke with a heavy southern accent. He said why son blah, blah blah for forty-five minutes. He had his hand on my shoulder and maintained eye contact the entire time.

I was very late getting home and my wife wanted to know why. I told her "you are not going to believe who gave me a 45 minute lecture on pro football". She said "well, what did he say?". I said I didn't understand a word because of the cigar in his mouth and his heavy accent.

My wife in her infinite wisdom said maybe the players don't understand him either and that's why they lose all the time.

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