Electronic Merchant Systems for Special Events - Lake Wales, FL

by Robert Gregory Gibson
(Lake Wales, FL)

If you’re traveling and selling to the general public either at festivals or fairs; either selling tickets or over the counter sales, you can now take checks, credit or debit cards at a lower interchange fee and equipment cost. EMS for special events offer the largest merchant processing wireless systems, with the best support services to the industry.

Systems can be leased, rented or bought at low interchange rates and transaction fees starting as low as $15.00 per month and 25 points over current posted exchange rate, starting @1.68% plus 10 per swipe. You can even turn the system off while in winter quarters or off season, with no cancellation fees.

If you’re already taking credit card transaction, let us look and see if we can save you money in transaction fees.

Contact Robert Gibson at 863-632-7081 to find out more about these programs and how EMS-Special Events can lower your merchant processing fees.

I hope you have a safe and profitable season, if you need more information please contact me at any time.

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