Executive Chef Catering Company - Smokey Mountain BBQ Ribs - Toronto, Canada

by Ricky(Ricardo)
(Toronto, Canada)

Exec Chef Catering Booth Pic  Recent Event-Brampton Rib-Fest 2009

Exec Chef Catering Booth Pic Recent Event-Brampton Rib-Fest 2009

We are a Canadian owned corporation specializing in catering, in concessions, in vending, festival and carnival food and novelty items, Rib-fests, BBQ stands featuring our own Smokey Mountain BBQ Ribs and The Great Canadian Back Bacon Sandwich (a Canadian delicacy not sold in the US), professional entertainers, children's inflatables and other novelty items.

We are professional concessionaires located just outside Toronto, Canada, who are looking for a directory or other form of placement guide to insert our name and perhaps apply for vending or concession opportunities throughout North America. We are experienced in Canada and would like to expand.

Partnership opportunities exist with us. We also subcontract our services on a percentage basis of gross sales. The operator can supply product and equipment, we will supply professional
manpower working on a commission basis of total gross sales. We can also supply product and equipment and pay a percentage of gross sales to you, or pay an agreed amount of rent for a booth, multiple booths and/or auditorium seat vending (commonly called "butchering the seats"), or we pay for a complete rental of the facility and operate our own concession.

We are open to negotiation based on the event requirement. We carry our own general liability insurance and would acquire any local or municipal licensing necessary. Please reply by e-mail or phone.

Ricardo (Ricky)
e-mail: execchefcatering@rogers.com
Phone 416-936-2600

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