Fabio - Chicago, Illinois

by Amanda
(Chicago, IL, USA)

It was a chilly fall Saturday here in Chicago, and my mother and I decided to go to our local Sam's Club. Upon entering there was a life size cardboard cutout of Fabio. I thought it was the funniest thing in the world. After we were done shopping, I looked to my left and there he was promoting his line of coats. Well of course I had to walk over and say hello. He was wearing leather pants and his chestnut locks were flowing.

I decided I should get an autograph for my neighbor, we always see who can find the most random gifts. After he was done autographing his glossy 8x10, he decided it would be a splendid idea that I purchase one of his coats. I decided to humor him and let him show me his line. At one point he even touched my hair and tried to convince me that it went wonderful with the coat he chose.

This was one of the most bizarre encounters with "anyone", that I have ever had. I still tell this story every now and then and it's always a good laugh.

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