"freelance cowhands/starving artists" - Original Art, Scrimshaw, Bead & Leatherwork - Dubois, WY

by A. M.
(Dubois, WY)

Marty and Audra are a draw wherever they go with their interesting collection of art and crafts that they produce, along with the energy and entertainment they provide to browsing customers of the meets and fairs they have recently attended! Art and craftwork made before the eye is a draw and the way Marty and Audra begin to educate their customers on what they are accomplishing... In the summer the couple run the horse program at a Wyoming spiritual retreat ranch, bringing the "ministry of the horse" to many city-stifled guests. In the winter they travel and continue to produce their unique wares, making their rounds to an expanding circle of regular shows.

"freelance cowhands/starving artists"
-original oils, pastels, acrylic, pencil, charcoal, and scrimshaw mediums
-children's face painting/body art
-landscapes, portraits, wildlife, and western
-leatherwork and beadwork jewelry, bags, clothing, etc. recalling the bygone days of mountainmen, cowboys, and indians...

We will travel anywhere in WY Oct 1st to May 14th!

Marty Dorst and Audra Mullineux (307)240-0812

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