Gizmoz Great Foods - Socorro, NM

by Gary Jaramillo
(Socorro, NM)

Gizmoz Great Foods

Gizmoz Great Foods

Hi. My name is Gary Jaramillo and I own this all stainless steel Gizmoz Great Foods Trailer. I want to invite everyone in New Mexico to join us for a delicious breakfast of Hot Belgian Waffles, Flapjacks and Sausage with Hot Coffee, Milk or Fresh Orange Juice in the cool morning hours of the day. Then at 11:00 a.m. your family and friends can order an absolutely wonderful Lunch Specialty served by no one else in America - Our famous "SPECIAL BURGER STEAK MEAL" with Texas Toast, French Fries and covered with the most delicious steaming green chili poured over a scrumptious quarter pound of succulent beef patty and topped with melted REAL cheese. All of that - with your choice of an old fashion soda pop. Your choices of "Grape Nehi" "Orange Crush" "Dads Root Beer" "Cream Soda" "Strawberry Crush" "Fanta Root Beers" "Nesbitts," and many many more nostalgic freezing cold soda pop floats.

Our stainless steel beautiful clean food trailer will be the first set up and cooking and the last to close up at the end of the evening. Call me and let's get booked for your very special event right away. I'm willing to travel wherever you may need me. If you want a great friendly vendor who won't try to kill the events visitors and clientele with ridiculous prices, call Gizmoz today. Gizmoz Great foods full Waffle or Flapjack and Sausage Breakfasts are served on strong styrofoam dishes with heavy duty plastic forks and knives with nice strong heavy duty napkins and easy open personal syrup and butter containers and a great big smile for only $5.00. Coffee or Orange Juice included. Right about 10 a.m. everyone at the event will start to smell the fresh beef patties and delicious green chili and fries begin to warm up for lunch at 11:00. The Breakfasts wonderful smell of Waffles, Flapjacks, Sausage and Hot Coffee and Cocoa will begin to fade and the scrumptious smell of our wonderful delicious lunch will slowly begin to tempt everyone's taste buds and at 11:00 our very very sabroso "Special Burger Steaks" will be ready to be savored slowly and eaten with gusto. Simply the best and finally something different at an event to eat besides Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Turkey Legs. You will not be dissappointed.

Please call and schedule today. We are becoming more and more booked every day. We can't wait to come and make your special event even more special for you, your city and the wonderful people who will be in attendance. Thank you and God Bless.

Vendor Contact Information For Event Bookings:

Gary Jaramillo
Gizmoz Great Foods
Socorro, NM
phone: 575-418-5070

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