Greg Kinnear, Dennis Quaid - Los Angeles, California

by Michael
(Colorado Springs, CO. USA)

In the 1990s LA California, Sunset strip. Working as a sales rep for several action sports companies covering 7 western states I made a stop in Los Angeles for a trade show. I contacted a high school friend and owner of a swim wear company that I was representing for a couch to stay on for a couple of nights and he had a friend over named Greg who at the time was starting a new program called ETV. We all went to dinner on the Sunset strip and out for drinks afterwards. Greg was very intelligent, well spoken and good mannered with a great sense of humor. The following morning we were asked to model for my friends swim wear catalog and needed to find a female model for the women"s line. Greg and I drove to UCLA campus and asked some females if they were interested in modeling for free swim wear and several thought us crazy and full of it. Greg with his good looks and charm asked a beautiful student and she agreed to come for the shoot. Greg was unknown at the time and a few years later became a true star. My last night in town we were in a club near UCLA when Dennis Quaid came in by himself and sat down with us for a beer after we noticed he was by himself. We all talked and had a good time and out of the four of us that night two would become movie stars while myself and my high school friend are still working stiffs with no end in sight.

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