Hines Ward - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

(Pittsburgh, PA, USA)



When he was first signed! I met Hines Ward when I was only seven years old. He was the sweetest man I have ever met. His smile was lighting up the whole room and with teeth the size of a horse. He was laughing and greeting everyone. He was proud to be a Pittsburgh Steeler. He was at a warehouse in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania signing styrofoam footballs for fans. Luckily, my school was nice enough to take us to the event. We stood in line for what may have been hours before it was my turn. I walked up to him nervous and shaking, but he was so sweet and nice. He asked my name and told my I was a cute little girl. I smiled so hard you would've thought it was Christmas. He signed my ball and wrote "To my special little cute fan, Paige." He told me to hold on to the ball and never let go of it, because one day it will become valuable. I ran home to my mom and she placed the ball on a high self where no one could touch it. I no longer have that ball because my puppy destroyed it some years later, but that moment is forever in my head. Thank you Hines Ward for your kindness! Crazygrllv@hotmail.com.

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