I am in a band and was wondering if anyone had any advice on booking festivals?

by Rick
(Los Angeles, California)

Hello all. I am in a country western band and we have played so many small bars it's ridiculous! Anyone have any advice on getting booked for festivals, fairs, events, etc. We would really like to play some shows out there. Thanks...Rick

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Booking Festivals
by: Rick Ryman

Hey Rick, Booking Festivals is very tough, everyone wants to play them. What ever you do, don't sell yourself short and play cheap or free! Be reasonable, competitive and then patient. If your good, the jobs will come. Try and get the contact persons name and call. Talking to them and getting to know them on a personal level is important. Don't sound desperate, but confident. You may not get the job the first or even second try, but if you keep at it, and they get to know you, they may just hire you. Some festivals like to hire the same band all the time cause they are familiar with them. Some like to change each year, so you may not get the same gig each year. Thats just the way the music biz is......it sucks. There are so many bands trying to do the same thing, it gets harder each year. They will under cut everyones price or play for free just to get the gig. That is not good for the industry. At some point you will need money for recordings to sell your music. I have found that bands that play cheap or for free are missing talent,and the economics catch up with them. This is what is hurting the music biz along with free downloads and making copies of your music to give to their friends.

Good luck!

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