Is it better when starting a food booth to have a tent or concession trailer?

by Jerry Schmidt
(Columbus, Ohio)

It really depends on your budget and how much you want to personally invest to start your business. Beginning with a tent will not cost you nearly as much up front, but can be more work to setup and tear down at events. Tents can also be a bit harder to book (not always though) as they are somewhat less professional than a concession trailer, especially at large events. A concession trailer will also withstand bad weather better and have less chance of theft as you can lock it up.

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easy up
by: Anonymous

We use both the trailer and easy ups. With the easy ups you can interact with the customers. At fairs, festivals and anything but vending, its legal to use a screened easy up, and no trailer.

by: OL' Timer

We use easyups and we find we do about 25% better vending and events as compared to our trailer. I always get 2 spaces and sometimes 4 spaces if I bring the big smoker. You have better interaction with the customers using a pop up than a trailer. The weather has a lot to do with which I use also.

tent vs.trailer
by: Anonymous

How do you go about getting a food handling permit with a tent? My local inspector said he would have to come out and inspect my operation to give me the permit.

by: Anonymous

We find a tent is better. People love to see what you are cooking. And they can see it's being cooked fresh. Less pricey as well.

by: Anonymous

If you keep track of your COSTS/EXPENSES, supplies, insurance, event fees and your LABOR, I am worth $7.50/hr min wage, maintainance and repair of equipment, town, city, county & state fees and taxes etc................

Good Luck

I chose a tent
by: Anonymous

when i started i began with a tent. i personally am glad i did because that is really all i could afford at the time. as i grew, i eventually moved up to a trailer.

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