Jack Lord - NYC

by Elvi Kaukinen
(Upstate NY, USA)

Everything happens in NYC. While on my Senior class trip, instead of heading for Macys with the rest of the class, I decided to visit the Waldorf Astoria because my grandfather stayed there years previously and told me about it. Of course, I dragged my girlfriend along. While looking around the lobby, we decided to enter the elevator and go up a few stories. Three other passengers entered and we wound up pressed against a corner. Suddenly a tall, dark, extremely handsome man stepped into the elevator. He smiled at us, probably because we were teenage girls, then turned facing the doors. Everyone in the elevator was staring at him. His hair was dark brown and longish, but not below the collar, he wore a gray suit and blue tie, and amazingly, cowboy boots. Like being struck by lighting, I realized who he was. Ohmigod! I couldn't believe Jack Lord was standing there, so close I could stretch out my arm and touch his shoulder, but I didn't dare do so. I just stared at him in awe, my heart beating wildly, wanting to speak to him. Afterall, I had such a hugh crush on him. Whether it was shyness or embarrassment, I don't know, but I couldn't say a word. So I stood there in the corner with my girlfriend as quiet as a pair of mice. When the elevator came to a stop, he stepped out and walked away and out of my life.

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