JD Roth - Freeport, Bahamas (Princess Resort Country Club)

by Leslie Carpenter
(Four Oaks, NC, USA)

I was in my ninth grade year of high school. (1992) My English teacher had decided to take a few of us students on a trip to the Bahamas to learn the culture as part of an English assignment. Upon entering the lobby of our resort, a few of us noticed a familiar face. It was JD Roth! Nobody has the guts to go talk to him, but me. I walked right up to him, asked him if he was indeed JD Roth and he confirmed it. Over the next couple of days, he allowed me to hang out with him at the hotel, talking about his life as an actor and how his life in California was a big change from his life before becoming famous. I talked with him like he was a friend, as he did me. Once it was time for him to leave the resort, we exchanged phone numbers and promised to keep in touch. We did keep in touch for the next few months, but lost communication thereafter. It was the absolute best trip I've ever had. I will forever remember it. Not only did I learn about a foreign culture while on my trip, I also learned of celebrity culture. It was a great learning experience and I made a new friend, just by being myself.

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