Jeanie C. Riley - Vermont

by Leslie Carbine
(Rutland, VT)

As a child, I enjoyed going to The Vermont State Fair. My mother wasn't much of a fair-goer, but my father loved to take us down, fill us up on carnival food, scare us on a few rides, and let my brother and I enjoy ourselves. There was a night I remember him being particularly excited about his (our) adventure there. He was so thrilled about the trip, he convinced my sister (who never came with us) to go down too. We were about the ages of 3,5 and 6.

We went to see his favorite singer perform. It was Ms. Jeannie C. Riley. It was a great performance! After the show, my father insisted we meet her. I thought, "Wow, meeting a big celebrity!" We were all giddy with excitement.

After the show, my Dad somehow pulled a few strings and used his charm to not only get, "her people" to allow us to meet her, but Ms Riley even visited with us in her trailer! It was a wonderful experience to have met such a great talent with such a kind heart!

I'll never forget when Ms. Riley asked us (kids) if we enjoyed her music. My sister, out of sheer childhood innocence said, "Yes, we like your music... But we like Tammy Wynette better! My father's fair skin turned beet red, and I swear his red hair turned a bright red to match!

It was a moment in a child's life that's never forgotten. Thank you Jeannie C. for your gracious welcome, and thank you Dad (in heaven) for your persistence and love.

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