Jim Palmer - Staten Island, New York

by Lauren HopkinsSheridan
(Staten Island, New York, USA)

Lauren HopkinsSheridan, Jim Palmer & Brittany Sheridan

Lauren HopkinsSheridan, Jim Palmer & Brittany Sheridan

I took my 10 year old daughter Brittany to a baseball game, I knew we were going to meet Jim Palmer (about 54 at the time) that day in the skybox(I won passes)He was very nice, talking to us and signing things for us. He ask my daughter "Do you know who I am" she said "Yeah my Mother told me" He said "I was in a movie also, Naked Gun" She said "Never saw it" a woman who was in the skybox said "Do you know those really big billboards in Times Sguare" being a New Yorker my daughter says "Of course(like who doesn't)" The woman then says "Jim was on one for 6 years,....in his underwear" Now my daughter looks at Jim Palmer with disgust, because to a 10 year old girl this 54 year old man is older then dirt, She replies "YUCK, GROSS!" it was priceless, the look on his face. In his defence, he looks great for his age.

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