Joe Montana, Atlanta, GA

by Rita Goolsby
(Odenville, AL USA)

My husband use to always carried me to see Joe Montana play football for the 49'ers in the 80's when the 49'ers came to Atlanta in December. I was told that the players sign autographs on Saturday before the game so the following year I went to see if I could get an autograph. I went to the hotel and was looking around for some players and saw that they had checked in already. I ask an employee of the hotel if they could help me get in touch with Joe Montana and he said to call his room. I called the information operator and was connected me with his room and he answered the phone. I ask "Can I speak with Joe Montana?" He said "Speaking". I just looked at the phone and my friend said "Talk". I ask him "Could you please come downstairs and sign a football and a hat for me please?" The man was so nice and said "Sure, meet me in the garden area". Sure enough, he was on the elevator with Dewight Clark and was so polite and signed my hat and a football. I would have been so upset if he had been rude but he was a nice respectable man that could have just kept walking. I am a lady that just wanted an autograph and nothing else. He lived up to everything I would have thought he would be. I was there a total of 10 minutes and it had been everything I expected.

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