Johnny Depp - Lockport , Illinois

by Maggie O'Hea
(Mokena, IL, USA)

Me & Matthew

Me & Matthew

Oh My God!Johnny Depp, Matthew West, & Mandisa :]!!!!!!! Fall 2008, Johnny Depp was filming his new movie "Public Enemies" coming out on July 1st.He was filming this one day and luckily my grandmother works at a store that was able to be walked in front o fit by Johnny. She called our family up because we are the biggest fans! We were inside the store and we got to see Johnny and another Actor walk by the store 1,000,000 times it was amazing! Later on my mother and I got to walk around and met a driver in the movie, the director Michael Mann (no picture with him but a picture in his directors chair)! Micheal was not friendly at all- seemed crabby and mad! He tended top yell at some characters and horrible faces at them! Later on, me and my mother waited outside in the huge line for the meat and greet! He got inside his trailer at 8:30 and got out at 10:30! No one nos whats with him, if he was taking a shower or relaxing or something whatever it was something big!!! Then finally after shaking every screaming beloved hand he shook mine. We didn't get a picture or autograph (stupid body guard!)He said hey sweetheart and winked at me. It was truly a great night...:]

For a Christmas concert I also got to meet two people, Matthew west, and American Idol's Mandisa. After the performance there was barely a line to meet them! I talked to Mandisa for 5 minutes and she as really nice! She was inspiring and gave me lots of compliments! Then I went over to Matthew, he was so kind but not a much as Mandisa. I got a picture & autograph. He asked me how I was doing and everything I said, "spectacular! how are you?" "Great!" He was really nice and I love them all!

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