Jon Gosselin - Mobile, Alabama

by Jackie Schultz
(Mobile, AL, USA)

About a year or two ago I met Jon Gosselin at my workplace. I am manger Panera Bread and it was a typical busy morning. I was backing my associates as they took orders. All of a sudden this guy walks in and he looked so familiar. After about 10 seconds I knew it had to be Jon Gosselin (I was a HUGE fan of the show). I could spot his eyes anywhere! However, I was too shocked to ask him or speak to him. I told one of my associates that I think that guy is Jon Gosselin from Jon and Kate plus Eight. She asked the gentleman if he was indeed Jon. He replied with yes! I was completely embarrassed and blushing. This was the first time I have every met a celebrity (despite not saying anything). My associate knew I was a huge fan and asked, "Will you give this girl an autograph!?" He replied, "Sure! What's your name?" I said, "Uhh... it's um..." Interrupted by my associate she said, "It's Jackie." He asked, "With an ie?" I shuddered, "Yes." He told everyone he was in town with the twins and Kate (they were in the car) to speak at a church about marriage and stuff. Needless to say, I received an autograph! I was shocked when Jo and Kate when through their fall out. Today, when I tell people I have met Jon they are not super impressed. I always joke and say, "I met him when he was a Dad!"

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