Justin Timberlake, Beale Street - Memphis, Tennessee

by Teresa
(Memphis, TN, USA)

Beale Street is the place to go for nightlife in Memphis. One night a few years ago I was bar hopping on Beale with some friends. Coming around the corner and onto Beale Street was a small throng of people. I didn't think anything of it as Beale is usually quite crowded but one of my friends suddenly exclaimed, "I think that's Justin Timberlake!" We decided to walk toward the group and soon found ourselves having to slide out of the way for them to pass. As they did, a guy in the middle of the group stopped in front of us. "Hey ladies," he said with a smile. As we all began to talk excitedly all at once, he smiled for pictures and touched our hands in a gesture that was a cross between a handshake and giving us five. He then went on about his evening. He seemed perfectly nice and we all had a great story to share.

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