Kathie Lee Gifford, Promoting Her Wine at A&P - Midland Park, New Jersey

by Dorothy Harding
(Prospect Park, NJ, USA)

I am an employee, cashier at the A&P in Midland Park, New Jersey. We had the opportunity twice, 2 years in a row, to meet with Kathie Lee Gifford. Came to promote and sign her wine, Gifft. Presently, I am at different job, and the A&P is now Acme. This past year esp- 2015, I had opportunity to be even closer. I went to work early, went up to the break room,, locker, and Kathie lee was sitting at the tables, with us, having coffee. I overheard her on the phone with her mom. I was speechless. She is just as nice as you think, and gracious, and dressed, very nice, as she always is. She only makes like a 4/5 hour signing and purchase her wine, was a full house, security very tight, as expected. Thanks, Dorothy. Hugih23@hotmail.com

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