Kettle Corn & Stuff - Ultimate Gourmet Kettle Corn Company - Los Angeles, CA

by Keith Jackson
(Southern California)

Kettle Corn & Stuff - Spreading the Addiction - one kernel at a time. Keith Jackson Enterprises Inc, is pleased to bring you the most incredibly delicious kettle corn you will find anywhere. Our terrific tasting kettle corn starts with premium plump kernels that pop big, fluffy white and flavored with 100% cholesterol free oil. We generously coat our non sweet flavors with the finest of savory flavors. We use pure cane sugar to sweeten our classic sweet kettle corn and all our candied flavors.

We've been told by many of our wonderful customers, that our kettle corn is the BEST that they have ever tasted. We take great pride in knowing that we are one of the top kettle corn producers in California.

Visit our website at, or call 909-749-5061 if you have any questions or need additional information.

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