Love Alive - Tribute To Heart - Los Angeles, California

by Patricia Morales
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Love Alive -Tribute 2 Heart Truly Becomes the power and essence of Heart. Close your eyes,you wont believe your ears. This band is a powerhouse, a blast of rockin roll realism. Led by Patricia Morales and Jeannie Austin, Heart Love Alive share their namesakes ability to move between lush ballads and straight ahead rockers with ease. This is due in no small part to the multi-talented band members.

Austin plays guitar while sharing lead vocal duties, taking the lead on “These Dreams”, giving it the dreamy feel of the original. Keyboardist Stephen Scarr switches between the keys and guitar with seemingly no effort. However, it’s the charisma and powerful voice of Morales that draws the crowd in. When she leads the band into crowd favorite “Barracuda”, very few people were left in their seats! Another crowd favorite, “Crazy On You” showcased Austin, Scarr and Gregg Charles on guitars and with the rhythm section of Richard Graham and Adam Leon.

Will travel worldwide.
Patricia Morales

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