Mark Chestnut - Pryor, Oklahoma

by Mike Dillard
(Yukon, OK, USA)

I was working as an Army Recruiter during the 2007 Country Fever Festival in Pryor Oklahoma. During this time we met the announcer who ended up getting myself and another recruiter to the side stage seating to watch the concert. We ended up being seated with Mrs. Oklahoma (Melissa Rhodes) and while I was trying to take some back stage pictures, I met a stage hand that let me also take Mrs. Oklahoma back stage to meet everyone, too. We ended up meeting and getting pictures with Mark Chestnut, Big N Rich, and Cowboy Troy. Mark Chestnut stopped and talked with us for a while after singing. We talked about his land, hunting, and normal life. He was really a nice guy to talk to and really down to earth. Wasn't rude or a stuck up celebrity at all.

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