Meaghan Martin - Nassau

by Nicole
(Northport, New York, USA)

Meaghan Martin

Meaghan Martin

My story took place at a Justin Bieber concert. Ok so it all happened when I was just walking into the Nassau Coliseum when i realized that the seats I bought were obstructed by a middle stage which was added at the last minute.I wasn't going to deal so I walked up to the box office to see if they had extra seats avaliable which was supposibly sold out. It wasn't (what a publicity scam) It turns out that I just scored my self an 80 ticket which was located three rows from the stage. More than half of the price I paid for the obstructed seats. Anyway when Mercy Mercades was playing there drummer said that they were having a Meet-And-Greet for the vip's of corse I wasn't one. So later I went to the bathroom and realized that the MEET-AND-GREET was right next to me so I walked up to the security guard and asked if I could attend. He said yes so I walked in and right in front of me was Meaghan Martin (from Camp Rock and 10 Things I Hate Aout You) I screamed Meaghan I love you. (I love her work not her personaly) and then got her autograph and insisted on a hug. Sadly later I got separated form my mom but it was well worth it. Below is a picture of Meaghan Martin.

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