Michael Oher - Baltimore, Maryland

(Baltimore, MD, USA)

I met Michael Oher at his book signing, I Beat The Odds. I was in a sports history class where we had to write a book report about an athlete of our choice. That was any easy choice for me since the movie The Blind Side had come out in theaters not too long ago since he released his book, the real story of his life. The experience of meeting him was amazing, although short, he still made an effort to start a conversation. No one was really allowed behind the table but I somehow made my way back there.

Not only was meeting him an experience, the book was amazing as well because it really sets aside what was real in his life versus the movie. You'd be surprised by what is different and what is the same.

By the way, I got a 98/100 on my book report for sports history! Woo hoo!

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