Morton Downey, Jr. - Nantucket, Massachusetts

by Toni

Back in the 80's my boyfriend and I were window shopping while on vacation in Nantucket. We found out from a shopkeeper that Morton Downey, Jr. was also on the island for the weekend. That news was of particular interest to us as we had recently attended a show featuring him in New Haven. The show's theme dealt with women on welfare and at one point became very heated. Morton Downey, Jr. much to my amazement actually hit someone on stage. Equally as disturbing was the cult like attitude of the audience which I thought was so eerily similar to news reels I've watched of Nazi Germany. My boyfriend on the other hand seemed to be just an enthralled as was most of the audience and later when leaving, he purchased a Morton Downey, Jr. T-shirt. The next day we rode our bikes to the other side of Nantucket. We stopped to rest and take in the view of the ocean. As we were resting, a group of people approached the area on foot. The group was Morton Downey, Jr.'s entourage. My boyfriend happened to be wearing his Morton Downey T-shirt and, Morton, noticing the shirt, walked over, introduced himself and offered to sign my boyfriend's T-shirt. Taking into consideration that I've brushed paths before with other celebrities and not realized as much until after their departure, it was an exhilarating experience to have a famous person approach us!

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