MOTHER NATURE and US - Wire-Wrap Gems and Minerals, Custom on Site Available as Gems and Minerals of all Sizes - Sebastian, FL

by Gail (Gabbi) and Mike Weiner
(Sebastian, FL 32976)

Gabbi Weiner, 772-664-1953, all over U.S., retired, willing and ready. Award winning vendor, both for quality of Hand-Crafted (by us) and attractiveness of booth, clean and beautiful. We just purchased an RV just for this purpose, experienced by about 14 years, knowledgeable about product, appearance keeps fresh, credit cards accepted, and we make purchasing easy and satisfying, good-price, boxes and bags available. Table-covers go to floor on all sides to (cover boxes, etc.) drapes in coordinating color, with attractive color scheme. Friendly guides as to assist in what they are looking for and why. Our name say's it all MOTHER NATURE and US, all Hand-crafted by us, nothing from Indonesia, Bali or China, just us, Americans who are struggling to keep their business during these economic challenges, we have lowered our prices in order to help all of us make it through, and we have done it smilingly, (gripe behind scenes and to ourselves) like all of us.

We take great pride in our Jewelry and in the selection of all the Gems and Minerals.

Unfortunately, do not know how to add a picture to this, just do not know how to do it, and no-one is sorrier than me, however, we can and will send by mail as many pictures as you desire. We are recently retired, Mike is the Wire-Wrapper, Gabbi, is the selector of the Gems and Minerals, and only purchase the best, have great contacts, and our Opal selection both set and unset is the best anywhere, and priced unbelievably reasonably due to the price we pay, we pass the savings on, our repeat business is terrific as well as the trust we have built up, we do a great deal through the mail, once the client is comfortable and know that we are trustworthy.

We also encourage clients to bring us their personal "treasures" for us to wrap, always more emotionally satisfy, we try our best to accommodate in every-way, we know who pays us. Thanks, Gabbi and Mike, wish I could include a picture or three.

As far as traveling, desire a tour that also allows us to enjoy this country, we can be gone for 3-4 months or longer, east-west, look forward to it all.

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