Mountain Spirits - Frazier Park, CA

by Charlotte
(Frazier Park, CA, USA)

My name is Charlotte, my # is 661.245.0823, website We are in California, but depending on the opportunity we may be willing to do some traveling. We sell custom scented bath and body products from lotion both herbal and regular, hand soap, bubble bath milk baths, and bath salts. We have Tropical and Himalyan, we have a sea salt scrub, silky shower gels and moisterizing body gels, and several different bath and body products.

We also make custom candles in any color you choose and as light or as dark of the candle color. You also can pick one of our scents and if we don't have it we will get it. We can also mix any scent you desire. The only thing we don't mix is for the incense unless you want a larger order. Our incense is hand dipped and soaks for at least 24 hours. We also carry a wide selection of tower burners as well as ash catchers. We have aroma oils and aroma burners both electric and tea light in many different designs and we sell a few cute trinkets.

Our goal is to make a product that the customer will love in whatever scent they chose. We are working on a system so when you order something we know what you have and if you like what you received we what to make sure you get the same product every time.

You are most welcome to contact either me Charlotte or David either via email, or you can browse our website at And last, but not least, you can call us at 661.254.0823. If you have any questions please contact us.

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