Natalyn - Tribal Fusion Belly Dancer - Roseburg, OR

by Natalyn
(Roseburg, OR, USA)

Tribal Oasis Festival Solo 2009

Tribal Oasis Festival Solo 2009

Dance is my passion. It fuels my soul and being able to share it, to bring happiness and entertainment to others gives me great satisfaction. I use a wide variety of music from more traditional styles of belly dance music, to modern styles on a world scale. I can also perform within a live music setting. Personally, I am in two dance troupes in the local area, and I frequently solo for festivals, haflas and bellygrams. Costuming is bright, jingly, and many pieces have come from different parts of the world in other cultures. I love to use props such as silk veils, sword, and zills (finger cymbals).

My performance is customized to your occasion or event.

Standard time for performances is 30 minutes for private parties. Events or festivals to be determined by the coordinators.

Will travel in the Pacific North West.

Contact information:

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