Out Tha Box - Top 40, Alternative Rap, R&B, Dance - San Francisco, California

by MiMi Gazaway
(Manteca, California, USA)

Out Tha Box - Top 40, Alternatative Rap,  R&B, Dance

Out Tha Box - Top 40, Alternatative Rap, R&B, Dance

Central Valley based crew, Out Tha Box is breaking all the rules? Infectious and colorful personalities, obvious ambition and an eclectic style of their own, Out Tha Box has raised the bar for those like them who have come from challenging backgrounds. Homelessness, drug addicted parents and academic obstacles didn?t stop this dream team from forming one of the most well rounded and talented crews in the music industry. A super group made up of singers, writers, producers, dancers, rappers and musicians, they continue to reach the outer limits of their musical imaginations. OTB meticulously blends R&B with influences of pop, techno, rock, rap, gospel, Latin, New Orleans jazz and even country to create a unique sound with a global appeal. A self proclaimed movement, OTB's founder and brainchild, Carl Johnson, a.k.a Mukestar and member of Out Tha Box nurtured this concept by recruiting the most talented young artists, providing enhanced exposure for their solo careers. Their unique collaboration has thrilled listeners and redefined boundaries. Their sound has caused debate. While some say they have elements of Outkast, many say Black Eyed Peas, yet others say Lady GaGa. No matter which camp you subscribe to they all agree their sound is refreshing and Out Tha Box!

For bookings contact MiMiGurl Management at 209-814-4515 or email mimigurlmgmt@live.com

Will travel the West Coast.

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