Patrick Swayze - Arizona Resort

by Lisa
(Colorado Springs Colorado United States)

I worked as a waitress for a pretty famous resort in Sedona Arizona for 3 years. My dad also worked there as a concierge. I had the pleasure of serving Mr. Swayze on his first evening in town.

We served a 12 course meal so we had plenty of time to get to know each other! After telling me a horror story about his travel experience to AZ he choose to relax with a "few cocktails". Well 4 hours's 11:30 pm at this time...Mr. Swayze is our last guest of the evening. He decides it's a good idea to head to his suite. Of course we offer him a golf cart escort back to his room. (the darkness in AZ in such a small town is amazing...the stars are AWESOME)

So on the way to his suite there is many up and down hills. (little ones) FYI: The resort is huge. I thanked Mr. Swayze for being so nice (great tipper), asked him for his autograph of course, and watched as my dad drove off with Patrick in the back of the cart. They got over one hill then it happened.....suddenly..Patrick was not on the golf cart any more??? Well apparently I should have cut his off after 10 or so.... Patrick took a dive from the cart....To my amazment he jumps up....maybe 3 feet in the air and let's out a loud WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!! Hops back on the cart and off they go. My dad came back cracking up, Patrick was not at all humbled! Laughed at himself more then we did!!! LOL!

Thanks Mr. Swayze! You gave us a memory to never forget!

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May 18, 2009
Great story!
by: Anonymous

Patrick Swayze is such a class act guy. I have met him twice and he is so genuine. I am saddened that we just may lose him soon. Greg

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