Pierce Brosnan - Wallace, Idaho

by Shirley Peterson
(Leeds, Utah )

I was working security on set of Dantes Peak,June 1996 in wallace Idaho. It was 6am in the morning. Pierce was rehearsing a scene and stopped at my corner driving a truck, and said "Arent you lonely out here?" I said " you could join me " he said "I'm working darling," and I said "So am I darling" he drove off smiling and we were friends after that.

They were almost 6 mos in Wallace and we talked many times after that. I was also working for the newspaper Idaho Observer and took a few pictures for the Editor Paul Friend. I would go out Brosnan Hunting and play Paparazie. I loved working with them, I had the best time of my life, playing stick ball with the crew while we were waiting for the next scene to shoot, at 3am in the morning. They covered our whole town with paper "ash" it was amazing . The Movie Business is really hard work behind the scenes. Pierce was so handsome and a real Ladies Man, just the way he said my name would make my knees weak, just the fact he remembered my name ,after only one meeting was so great. My husband was a Deputy and once stopped Pierce driving without his car license plate on, and speeding , Pierce said this car won't go slower,of course he let him go with a warning. I made a T shirt with Pierce"s picture and the caption "Catch and Release", I ended up making a few more for friends, who just had to have one. I still wear mine now and again. When Keely was visiting the set, I was standing behind Pierce's Chair and heard them talking about what to name their Baby, I piped up and said" Shirley would be nice", and Pierce just laughed,He had not seen me there, and said "Oh Shully I didn't recognize you untill you said that, you are sweet But it is a boy, and his name is going to be Dillon." I think I was the first one to know. She was only 3 mos pregnant. It was a beautiful time and I will always remember Pierce Brosnan for the way he made me feel so special. I once asked Pierce for one minute of his time, with me and my Camera, he said, "Maybe" well at the end of the movie we had a Q&A with the Producers and Pierce and Linda Hamilton, etc, I was covering it for my Editor and was in the front row, I raised my Camera to take a shot of Pierce, he saw me and looked right into the Lens, I was so shocked I almost dropped my camera, with that look and a tiny smile, I had my moment with Pierce, its my favorite Picture.

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