Popcorn Eddie's Kettle Corn - Popcorn - South NJ

by Ed Heston
(Berlin, NJ)

Popcorn Eddie's Kettle Corn

Popcorn Eddie's Kettle Corn

Hello, I am very excited to speak with you about the possibility of becoming a vendor for your event. My wife Gail and I run a County inspected, insured Kettle Corn concession stand. We prepare the Kettle Popcorn under a 10x10 canopy. The ingredients are really quite simple… Mushroom style popcorn cooked in a large kettle with corn oil, and a little sugar. When the popping stops, we add a little salt, and then it’s time to COME AND GET IT!!!

The deliciously distinct aroma travels a long way to announce the slightly-sweet, slightly-salty treat is fresh and ready to serve.

We love meeting people, and we take pride in being professional concessionaires; always tidy, and always cleaning up when we’re finished. We have professional equipment, and are fully registered and licensed by the state of New Jersey. We are fully insured and have a recent Health Inspection Certificate by the County Dept. of Health.

Here are some features we think set us apart from most other Kettle Corn vendors...

1. Our cooking kettle is much larger than most other vendor’s kettles. We can make twice as much Kettle Corn in a shorter amount of time. This will eliminate the unnecessary lines of people clogging up the walkways.

2. Our business will take on a “festive look”. We enjoy “looking the part” so that we can promote the spirit of the event.

3. Lastly, the thing that separates Popcorn Eddie’s from other vendors is that we sincerely enjoy meeting and talking with people. It’s NOT just business with us. We like to take a personable and friendly approach when it comes to our business.

We would greatly appreciate your consideration in obtaining a vending spot for your Festival.

Thanks for your time,

Popcorn Eddies Kettle Corn, LLC

Ed Heston
1-Jefferson Ct.
Berlin, N.J. 08009

Home Phone (856) 753-1738
Email - popcorneddie@comcast.net

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