Prayer Warriors - Performing Arts Group - Cleveland, Ohio

by Donna Kelso Nelson
(Cleveland, OH, USA)

Prayer Warriors

Prayer Warriors

Prayer Warriors
Prayer Warriors
Prayer Warriors

Blending the power of gospel music with the modern sounds of pop, rock and R&B, Prayer Warriors, backed by the Band of Thunder perform what they term "Inspirational Groove" music with a message. This very unique group, which has been in existence for well over two decades, continues to cross musical boundaries and stretches the limits to deliver the message of brotherhood, peace and understanding. Although rooted in the musical traditions of the church, Prayer Warriors speak a contemporary language in non-traditional places - nightclubs, festivals and fairs. Their approach is fresh and inspired, taking a cue from their obvious mentors the Staple Singers, Temptations, O'Jays and the Parliament Funkadelics. Inspired by all of these greats, any performance by the Prayer Warriors will be spellbinding. In any instance, the Warriors can sound like a small storefront congregation.

Prayer Warriors' ability to capture the attention of diverse audiences is no doubt due to the group's concept and broad musical base. Their repertoire runs the gamut from the traditional "Amazing Grace" to Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall." Gospel music is the foundation of their show, but the music - gospel or not - aims to stir souls, with a rich blend of harmonies and inspired solos.

Booking Agent-Sharon Chalklett, 216/531-9113

Travel is very negotiable.

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