Reiter Gallery - Urban Photography, Canvas Art - Los Angeles, CA

by Mitch Reiter
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Taken in Venice Beach, CA

Taken in Venice Beach, CA

Hi! My name is Mitch Reiter and I'm interested in being an artist/vendor in upcoming events . I am a free-lance photographer with an urban edge. I'm no stranger to the art scene, having spent my last 15 yrs doing art on the Venice Boardwalk. I stumbled into photography 15 years ago, and only recently decided to pursue my talent on a higher level by doing art shows and opening an online gallery. My eclectic spin is seen throughout all of my photos, and my background of 13+ years owning my own graphic art business provides the perfect foundation for my unique style of photography. I offer my prints on canvas to capture the moment in its rawest form. You can see my work at various events throughout SoCal, the Venice boardwalk, etc. I have traveled as far as Las Vegas, NV for an event known as First Friday.....

For more info, please check out my online gallery: I have hundreds of my art pieces on my site. Looking forward to booking an event in the near future!

Mitch Reiter

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