Robert Plant - Memphis, TN

by Leigh

Me with

Me with "Bob"

Back in 1995, my boyfriend and I drove from Atlanta to Memphis to see the Page and Plant show for what must have been the millionth time. While hanging out downtown before the show started, we spotted Robert in an art gallery. Being shy and also under the impression that Robert Plant was not the friendliest celeb, I was happy just to see him. The boyfriend felt differently and followed him, eventually following him outside. He asked Robert if he could have his photo taken, and Mr. Plant nodded and mumbled something. He did not seem very pleased at all. At this point the boyfriend tries to hand me the camera! Like I'm not going to be in the photo? I think not! (We are no longer together obviously :-) And yes, I photo shopped the ex-boyfriend out of the picture! So the bodyguard we hadn't noticed took the picture. Of the three of us. Robert was in the middle. Right before the pic was taken, the boyfriend put his arm around Mr. Plant. So Mr. Plant leaned waaay over to me and squeezed me up next to him. A half bear hug from one of the sexiest musicians ever? Sure, I'll take it! It turned out great for me and changed my opinion about Mr. Plant not being friendly. As he walked away he turned around, looked at me, and said "keep walking that walk." Totally meaningless but so something you'd expect him to say. I wouldn't call him the sweetest guy in the world but he's approachable, especially if you're female!

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