Robert Reed at the Doctor's Office - Fort Smith, Arkansas

by Mary Dailey
(Fort Smith, AR, USA)

I worked for an allergy specialist at the time. Robert Reed's dad was good friends with the doctor and Mr. Reitz and Robert Reed came by to see him at the office. As you can see, Robert Reed changed his name. I looked up, but didn't pay any attention and later the doctor asked me if I knew who that was and I said no. Then, when I found out, I got all excited and I said, if I had known that, I would have asked for his autograph! I was actually a little embarrassed because I didn't recognize him. He was very unassuming. Just dressed in jeans a nice red plaid shirt. I guess my boss told him what I said and the next time he came in, he gave me an 8 x 10 glossy signed photograph. I actually got to see him 3 times and he was very nice and even more handsome in person.

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