Rosy Moon - Stilt Walking, Face Painting, Clown - Albany, CA

by Rosy Moon
(Albany, CA, USA)

A's party in the park.

A's party in the park.

Performance Artist, Children's Parties. Invite yourself along for a (dis)combobulating soiree (dis)organized by Rosy Moon. Charming yet indiscreet and with only the best intentions, Rosy Moon will create a party atmosphere like none other. Rosy can make a grand entrance as a giant (10ft tall) fairy, sprinkling fairy dust and blowing bubbles, come down to earth with clown antics and top it all off by turning party goers into clowns, fairies or what ever their hearts desire, with her paintbrush.

Imaginary snacks and human pretzels are on the menu, with stubborn liquid refreshments and non staining decorations for all. Expect at least one pie to fly and whoopie (cushions) to be made.

Extra charge for more than 45 mins travel time or 15 miles. No limit to how far I will go!

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