Roy Rogers and Dale Evans - Victorville, CA

by Dale Witt
(Lincoln, NE U.S.A.)

I was about seven or eight, my family decided that we were going to go to the bowling ally for some family fun. At the time, we lived in Victorville CA. We got to the bowling ally, and we went to the counter to get shoes and come to find out, they didn't have any shoes that would fit me, and they told my parents that it was ok if I wanted to bowl in my socks. Well, it was a disaster, every time I went to bowl, I would fall down. The couple that was bowling next to us would laugh at me because they thought it was funny. Well, at the end of our bowling fun, I put the bowling balls back on the rack were I had gotten them as my parents talked to the people next to us. As I sit down to put my shoes on, the lady came over to me and leaned over and told me that I was a good bowler. My parents and my two sisters walked up to the counter with her. As I put my shoes on, the man came over and said, "Hey, you're a pretty good bowler..", as he rubbed his hand on top of my head, ", what are you going to be when you grow up?" I looked at him and replied in a shy voice, "I don't know?" The man said, "Well, you think you might be a cowboy?" I replied, "Yhea, I could do that!" He laughed and said to me, "c'mon, I'll walk you to the counter." I replied, "ok.." As we walked, I remember all these people stopping him and shaking his hand, and me thinking, wow, he must have been a really good bowler. We got to the counter and he turned to me and said goodbye. I said goodbye to him, turned to look for my parents and my sisters and couldn't find them. I walked to the glass doors and saw all of them sitting in the car waiting for me. I got in the car and my parents turned around and said to me, Do you know who you were talking to?" I thought, oh no, I'm going to get in trouble for talking to a stranger! I said real quiet like, "no..". My dad said, "that was Roy Rogers and Dale Evans!"

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